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Introducing Threads Analytics: Your AI Tool for Social Media Insights

Dive into the fascinating world of social media, powered by GPT-4. Shift from intuition-based decisions to data-driven strategies and discover the conversation about your brand and learn what truly resonates with your audience.

User Comparing

AI Driven

Smart Strategy

Identify key areas for improvement in your social media strategy. Our tool gives insightful recommendations on how to reach new potential customers and grow your online presence.

Plain Language

Explore Every Angle

Reveal Intention

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Market Driven

Competitive Analysis

Get crucial insights on how your messaging differentiates from your competitors. Our tool helps you measure your unique social voice and offers tips on further distinguishing your messaging.

Human Centric

Comprehensive Audience Insight

Gain in-depth understanding of your target audience, their expertise level, and the engagement tactics that resonate with them. Our tool helps you understand your followers better by presenting a comprehensive demographic and behavioural analysis.

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